Behavior 2

There’s another important tool, in addition to rounding, that drives employee engagement and results. It is a system-wide employee engagement survey. The key to this survey, or any others we use, is not the score itself- it’s how well we, as leaders, share the results with staff and how we communicate actions based on their feedback.

Measurement supports the alignment of desired behaviors. It excites the organization when results are achieved. Measurement also holds individuals accountable for results and helps determine if things are working. We are not just measuring to measure. We are measuring to align to specific leadership and employee behaviors that cascade throughout the organization to drive results. The better the organization can align these behaviors, the more quickly it will achieve desired results and create opportunities to recognize staff. Recognized behavior gets repeated, which turns the Organizational Flywheel.

Surveys provide perception data that inform us, but the most important part of surveys is what we do with the results.

Excerpt from: Maximize Performance

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