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School leaders are facing multiple angles ahead of the fall semester. Strategies for instruction, how to screen students, and manage transportation are just some of the decisions being made right now as leaders plan for multiple scenarios amid uncertainty. Today’s guest represents a school district planning for four scenarios ahead of reentry this fall. Dr. Matt Hillmann, Superintendent of Northfield Public Schools, shares how the district is getting ready for reentry and what has helped make communication around reentry successful for them thus far.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can leaders effectively communicate around decisions being made amid uncertainty?
  • What happens when schools use feedback from families and employees to make decisions?
  • How can we respond with grace if we get it wrong when communicating?

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Leading a Successful Reentry

In "normal" times when things are relatively predictable, strong leadership is desired. When unpredictable times appear, strong leadership is essential. Even the strongest organizational structures bring tremendous challenges that impact results. Our old way of doing business simply will not work.

Communicating What Matters to the School Board

A very different school environment is right around the corner. As schools and organizations prepare for reentry, communication around the changes we'll see in classrooms and on campuses will be key. To successfully implement changes needed to make schools safer, while also driving progress, communication between the school district and school board will need to be effective and crystal clear.

How the Best Leaders Communicate During a Crisis

Employees are our most valued asset for achieving organizational excellence and for managing crises when they appear. From research over the years we know that leaders play a significant role in reducing employee anxieties and reassuring employees by reminding them that they have confidence in their ability to prevail in a crisis. Leaders are the ones who provide hope for the future.

Start with Why

Communicating change effectively is a skill all leaders need. How we frame communication around change to our teams is crucial because if people don’t understand why the change is needed, they’re less likely to embrace the change. For our organizations to reach our goals, stay productive, and do so with excellence, we need everyone working together. So how do we present change in a way people will embrace?



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