Join us in welcoming our newest partners leading the way in organizational excellence. Our coaches work alongside our partners to advance continuous improvement in their organizations. Together we work to facilitate planning and execution of strategic actions to achieve key goals in student success, employee engagement, service, quality and finance.


Tea Area School District

tasd-logoTea Area School District (TASD) is located in Tea, South Dakota and is our first partner in the state. The district’s mission is to educated and empower each student for success in a global society. TASD purposefully ensures a safe, positive and supportive atmosphere, which encourages creativity, enhances wellness, builds self-esteem and recognizes students’ success through mutual respect and trust. Additionally, the Tea Area School District has four main goals: 1). All Students at Tea Area are future Titan Graduates; 2). Future Titan Graduates are articulate, fluent and analytical readers at or above grade level who are ready to apply skills in the real world; 3). Future Titan Graduates can apply mathematics and scientific thinking in real life situations through effective communication and collaboration at or above grade level; 4). Future Titan Graduates are civic leaders engaged in the community through action and service. TASD is excited to advance their District’s priorities, allowing Studer Education to help advance a system-wide approach for continuous improvement.


Ysleta ISD – Finance and Operations Department

YISDThe Ysleta Independent School District (YISD) is one of the finest educational institutions in the city of El Paso, with origins dating back to the early 1900s. With a focus on quality and engaging instruction, YISD is a consistent leader in student achievement and employee satisfaction. It is the third largest school district in the city with more than 41,700 students and 6,000 full-time employees across 61 campuses and the Central Office. YISD has been a long-time partner of Studer Education. Our team is excited to begin working with the Finance and Operations Department to ensure success and continuous improvement from every aspect of the district.




Valley Park School District

valley-park_logoThe Valley Park School District (VPSD) has a long, rich history of providing quality education. Thousands of students have attended Valley Park Schools since the opening of the first elementary building in 1882. The district educates about 1,000 students annually and is located in the southwest corner of St. Louis County in Valley Park, Missouri. With low student-to-teacher ratios and all school buildings located on one campus, the district offers a private school atmosphere in a public school setting. Studer Education will engage with VPSD to provide leadership development, facilitation services, executive coaching and aligned tools and resources to facilitate leaders’ planning and execution of strategic actions through a continuous improvement approach to achieve key pillar goals.



Eastern Oregon Regional Educator Network

EAC logoThe Educator Advancement Council (EAC) was created as a public-nonprofit partnership through state statute to significantly improve professional supports for Oregon’s public educators. The system is designed to lead changes from the inside out, engaging frontline educators in collaboration with community resources to build upon the successes of the past and adapt support to meet the needs of today’s education workforce and students. This system is organized by ten Regional Educator Networks (REN)/Sponsoring Organizations. Each REN has an emphasis on local context to ensure training and support are responsive to the local strengths and needs of educators and students of their region. Studer Education will engage with Region G in Eastern Oregon (EOREN) to support their professional development needs assessment and planning process. Input from the regional survey will inform the development planning and the related application that the EOREN will make to the Oregon Education Advancement Council to fund the future professional development and educator advancement priorities.


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