As a leader do you ever wonder what your employees think?

Maybe you think you know, but do you really? How can you know for sure? Have you ever administered any employee engagement surveys?

An employee engagement survey can be a very powerful tool within your organization. Employee engagement surveys provide important information and data regarding the perceptions of employees about their work environment. Likewise, the results from the survey can help teams identify action items for improvement. If you want to know what people think, then you should ask. 

The actual administration of the survey and the results returned are significantly more impactful when leaders share the results in an open and honest way with those who participated in the survey. Be transparent about the results–the good, the bad and the ugly. There can be no improvement if you do not know the starting point. 

We measure those things that are important to us. Surveys identify and communicate what is important to the organization. We are not just measuring to measure. We are measuring to determine how well we are achieving the alignment of expected behaviors in the organization.  

It is vital to gather data to determine what actions we need to take in order to improve. A plan for taking action is a result of survey administration, sharing the results and setting the plan for improvementWhen we set, monitor and hit improvement goals there is excitement and celebration. Our organization becomes a winner! 

How do you know what your employees think? Have you asked them?

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