Try this tip: Develop next steps.

Develop next steps. At the end of a meeting – with a team or with an individual, always identify next steps in behavioral terms. Using specific behaviors makes it easier to implement, and even [...]

Practice Patience

Practice patience. Be prepared to coach and guide and wait and watch. Be ready for the moments when an initiative doesn’t go as planned and it’s time to re-start. Be patient with yourself and [...]

Never Stop Reaching

Never stop reaching. “It is important that you don’t get busy with so many projects that you don’t give proper attention to any of your followers, but it is also important to never lose your [...]

Leadership Tip: Listen

To be a better listener, “start by actually caring what other people have to say”. Think about: what can I learn from this person? What does this speaker need? Be active in your listening by [...]

Have a Sense of Humor

Have a sense of humor. Make fun of yourself, go ahead! Some moments require gravitas, but most could be lightened up with a laugh or two. As a leader, you’ll often have to make safe space for [...]

Go the Extra Mile!

Go the extra mile. Does it sound like too much? That may be what it takes to conquer an obstacle in your way. Do what others would do and then add 10%; employees trust leaders who leave it all on [...]