Leading Students Back to Learning

HOW CAN WE KEEP STUDENTS SAFE AND ON TRACK AS WE START A NEW ACADEMIC YEAR? The start of this school year has been unfamiliar to us all – students, teachers, parents, administration and every school employee. Some won’t be sure what to expect, others expect more uncertainty and change ahead. People are experiencing more […]

Culture: The Foundation to Withstand Disruption

I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW IF WE COULD HAVE DONE THIS AS WELL IF WE DIDN’T HAVE SOME FOUNDATIONAL PIECES FOR US TO GO BACK TO. – Dr. Natalie Harder, Community College Executive Leader | EP 67: Move Forward by Doing the Next Right Thing Throughout these challenging uncertain times, one thing has consistently proven true: […]

To Increase Motivation Show More Apprecation

Recognize and Reward Success: Value and Appreciate People Working Together to Get Results.  We often hear leaders ask, “How can I keep people motivated?” The truth is, we can’t make people feel motivated, but we can create an environment that motivates and engages employees. People are more likely to be motivated about their work when […]

The Right Communication Builds Trust

Communicate at all Levels: People know why what they do matters. It’s not just approaching it with intentionality but focused intentionality around this simple thing: what is the outcome of the message that I desire? What is the outcome? Why am I writing this message? What is it I want people to both feel and […]