Rounding for Success: A Superintendent’s Journey from Skepticism to Impact

Dave Kline, Superintendent of the Colton School District in Oregon, shares an inspiring journey from skepticism to success with the implementation of rounding as a strategic leadership tool. Initially cautious, Kline embraced rounding, recognizing its transformative power beyond routine check-ins. During his breakout session at What's Right in Education, Superintendent Kline emphasizes its role in continuous improvement, shaping it into a dynamic feedback mechanism that guides leaders toward actionable insights.

EP320: Build Trust to Strengthen Culture

Join us for part two of Dr. Janet Pilcher’s thought-provoking conversation with Superintendent Rob Clayton of Warren County Public Schools. In this episode, they dive into how Mr. Clayton has built trust, courage, ownership, and commitment with his team by leading with intention and transparency to achieve organizational excellence.

Leadership Tip: Break Down Your Strategic Plan into Short Cycles

Effective leadership is pivotal to student achievement and overall success. District and school leaders understand the unique challenges they face in ensuring quality learning outcomes. Short cycle planning and leader action strategies provide the necessary framework for leaders at all levels to navigate these challenges, driving academic excellence and organizational improvement.

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