EP342: Cascade and Execute Your Strategic Plan

How can school districts effectively cascade, communicate, and execute strategic plans? Superintendent Todd Antony and Principal Jared Schaffner from the School District of Onalaska describe how clarity and alignment in strategic plans fosters engagement across all levels.

EP341: Reflect, Plan, and Lead

What insights and lessons can be unpacked from the previous school year? Join Dr. Janet Pilcher as she interviews Dr. Charan Cline, Superintendent of Redmond School District, to hear how he utilizes reflective practice to identify both bright spots and challenges.

From First Year Scorecards to Achieving Alignment Across Departments

In the pursuit of educational excellence, school districts harness strategic tools like scorecards to guide progress, align efforts, and drive continuous improvement across departments. Scorecards translate strategic priorities to serve as dynamic roadmaps that empower educational leaders to achieve objectives outlined in their strategic plan or strategic priorities.

EP334: Round for Employee Retention

What is rounding like in action? Join Dr. Janet Pilcher as she interviews Dr. Deanna Ashby, Senior Director of Coaching at Studer Education, to hear about how rounding has positively impacted three of her partner districts in Kentucky. Listen also as Janet and DeDe role play an actual rounding conversation about DeDe’s experiences at the Kentucky School Board Association conference, providing a firsthand example of rounding.

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