Lead with Purpose

A person’s motivations for working ties directly to purpose Think about where you work. Are your coworkers achieving their highest potential? Are you achieving your highest potential? Professionals spend a majority of their days logging hours at work; however, the vast majority are disengaged. According to a Gallup study, only 31% of the U.S. workforce […]

Create a Culture of Recognition

As humans, we all have emotions. We like to hear what we are good at. We love knowing that we are appreciated. It is important to know that our contributions are making a difference. Taking the time to recognize a job well done and to connect an employee’s performance with the organization’s goals, gives people […]

Eliminate We/They

As a leader, how you communicate matters. When you model positive communication, you not only set an example, but you also set an expectation for how to interact within your organization. What you permit, you promote. It’s vital to take necessary steps to avoid “We/They” behavior and communication. Quint Studer, the founder of Studer Group […]

Building an Emotional Bank Account

As leaders we hear things like applying “soft” skills is not as important as focusing on “hard” data, such as student achievement. Our collective work with district and school leaders shows us otherwise. We’ve found that employee and student achievement is difficult to improve without leaders building effective working relationships with employees (in school systems: […]

Succession Planning 101: Developing & Sustaining Excellence

“Organizations that extend development to all levels are 4.2 times more likely to outperform those that don’t.”  –Global Leader Forecast 2018 In order to thrive, organizations need to continuously develop people at all levels and across all teams. Success isn’t accidental. Intentionally assessing the capabilities needed and hardwiring learning opportunities builds competence, sustains personal commitment, […]

Be Decisive

Be willing to make the tough decisions, and once you’ve made your decision, don’t go back on your word. Even if people are against you or disagree with you, it is important that you can confidently and decisively make smart decisions. – Like a Boss: Six Defining Characteristics that all Effective Leaders Have in Common […]

Tips for New Leaders

In the beginning when a leader steps into a new role, everything is possible. Good leaders will take on new challenges in their careers with enthusiasm and optimism. Great leaders will do even more. If they want to have an impact in a new job, they know that they also need to push for greatness at […]

Succession Plan: A Key for Sustaining Organizational Excellence

The Evidence Based Leadership Framework creates the backbone for organizational success. The first two stages of the framework link intentionally building team capacity aligned to what is most important to accomplish in the succession plan. In the stage of identifying the measures that matter, leaders work with key stakeholders to define what success will look […]

Preventing Burnout & Retaining Your Best

Jim Collins in Good to Great reinforces the importance of having the “right people in the right seats on the bus” within your organization. Strong team members bring specific knowledge, skills, and experiences to the team, while great organizations intentionally develop learning and leadership experiences long after great hires are made. “Leadership is not always […]

Developing a Year at a Glance

It may take eight weeks or longer to replace a person leaving a position. During this transition, remaining team members are left filling the gaps. Therefore, preparing in advance for employee transitions is a direct benefit to every member of the team and the organization. Developing a "Year at a Glance" for each unique job role is a strong first step.