Build an Army of Improvers to Achieve Student Success

Maturing leaders build maturing organizations.

– Janet Pilcher

Recently, Studer Education partner school districts were featured in the April 2021 AASA School Administrator magazine focusing on the pursuit of organizational excellence within school systems. In this roundtable, Dr. Janet Pilcher and Dr. Pat Greco highlight how these specific organizational teams are using the Organizational Excellence and Improvement Maturity Model to align to what matters most, care for their people and keep their students learning in all conditions.

In the roundtable and the discussion, Janet and Pat reviewed a school district sample to recognize the phases of the Organizational Excellence and Improvement Maturity Model. They challenged leaders to plot the placement of their organization on the model and analyze how decisions align to the phases of maturity and provide better opportunities to hardwire tactics and processes that get higher results. Janet and Pat also asked leaders to reflect on the steps their organization needs to take to get to “hardwire.”

    • Thinking about the school district samples, where is your organization on the organizational excellence and improvement maturity model? Why do you think you are at this place on the maturity model?
    • How does the maturity model help us shift away from making “silver bullet” purchases to solve our problems? How do you make good decisions with the resources you have available (people, time, tools)? How do you ensure resources are aligned to priorities?
    • How does the maturity model help you sustain your alignment to your goals over time and through leadership transitions?

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Organizational Excellence and Improvement Maturity Model

Building the Conditions for a Learning Culture

Leadership lives within each child and each adult. How we unleash it lives within the ability of the leadership team to build the conditions for a learning culture. When we build trust and psychological safety into our organizations, people can venture out of the comfort zone and into the learning zone where we can innovate and grow.


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