Casey Kuktelionis - Studer Education Content Expert


Content and Creative Developer

Casey creates interactive content that builds leadership and operational strength in organizations across the nation. She shares her expertise in effective communication, service excellence, and cultivating positive culture. Her work helps leaders improve outcomes not only for their teams, but for their communities.

Casey’s passion for helping organizations excel began early in her career. During her 10 years in the hospitality industry, she became fascinated with how exceptional customer experience influenced reputation. She committed to finding the best ways to serve her customers and trained her teammates to do the same.

While she was studying Communication as an undergrad at the University of West Florida, Casey interned for the Better Business Bureau. This ignited her interest in helping organizations build positive reputations. After two years working in sales-related roles that strengthened her marketing skills, she began working for Pensacola Habitat for Humanity. In that role, she created an outreach plan to attract applicants to their home buyer program. She created and maintained a social media presence and led her department to exceed application and awareness goals year over year. As a systems and process champion, Casey identified opportunities to streamline the application process and improve the home buyer experience.

Casey is proud to help leaders create better systems that directly impact employees and those they serve. Knowing that what she does makes a positive impact on the next generation of leaders, students, and professionals inspires her to keep going.


B.A. Communication | University of West Florida
Conflict Management Certification | Landrum Staffing Services, Inc.


Service Excellence, Communications, Customer Experience


Nine Principles for Organizational Excellence


Joined Studer Education
Communications and Outreach Associate
Operations and Account Management


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