Improvement Cycles to Sustain Progress

HOW ARE THE STUDENTS? As leaders make difficult decisions to create the best possible conditions for learning during constant change and disruption, we also face another emerging challenge. There [...]

The Beginning of an Improvement Journey

USING A SINGLE PILLAR SCORECARD TO DRIVE SUCCESS Jefferson County School District in Alabama serves over 36,000 students and is the second largest school district in the state. Considering their [...]

Developing a Year at a Glance

It may take eight weeks or longer to replace a person leaving a position. During this transition, remaining team members are left filling the gaps. Therefore, preparing in advance for employee [...]

3 Behaviors that Poison Your Culture

We know that a positive culture is important for any organization’s health. In a survey by CultureIQ, 73% of respondents indicated that a great corporate culture drives competitive advantage for [...]

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