Connect to Purpose

In challenging times, connecting our teams to their core purpose will sustain and empower their continued effort. A combination of the head and the heart are critical to successful leadership, [...]

Using Purpose to Inspire Action

HOW CAN WE COMMUNICATE WITH PURPOSE TO INCREASE MOTIVATION? One of the many benefits of working in education and service organizations is the ability to see there is a deeper meaning, beyond [...]

Lead with Purpose

A person’s motivations for working ties directly to purpose Think about where you work. Are your coworkers achieving their highest potential? Are you achieving your highest potential? [...]

EP12: Execute Well for Better Results

This week, Dr. Pilcher discusses the common job we all come to work to do each day: Execute Well. Do we take quick decisive, meaningful actions every day? Or do we find ourselves waiting for our [...]

February Funk

Have you ever thought about the energy level of the people you work with in February versus May? The level of energy and spirit is entirely different. For those of us who have worked in schools, [...]

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