Stop chasing silver bullets and build leadership capabilities to improve.

Are you trying to find the next silver bullet solution? Or are you focused on evidence-based leadership and improvement practices? Focusing on the next shiny silver bullet will often lead to organizational chaos. Today, Janet shares another way leaders can prepare their teams for change and build leadership capabilities to improve organizational systems.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can we best manage constant and continuous change?
  • Why do we need to stop chasing silver bullets?
  • What are the fundamentals needed to manage and lead change?

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When you picture a leader, do you tend to picture a calm and focused person with a seemingly impenetrable confidence? This perception of who we must be as leaders can get in the way of progress and improvement. To truly lead our teams through positive change, we have to be vulnerable enough to take an honest look at what needs to improve.

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People don’t always welcome change. In fact, change is often resisted. Providing effective leadership in times of change is an important, yet often overlooked skill set. Organizations tend to devote few resources to developing skills for leading change among its leaders.

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Most of us recognize the difference between leading and managing change. While both are necessary to successfully operate in or implement change, leading change involves an element of anticipation. Anticipating change means leaders have enough foresight and information to know what is likely to happen, strategize, and guide the larger team to success, in preparation for the pending shifts.

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