Let customers in on your secrets.

We all have our favorite brands, but what makes them our favorite? Is it because we place value in the organization? Is it the way we are treated by the company? How do we know if the company is accountable? More and more organizations have been making it a priority to increase connection and invite customers to take an inside look. Why? Because increasing transparency between an organization and its customers build trust and credibility increasing customer loyalty.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How do organizations serve their customers well?
  • What can organizations do to increase transparency?
  • Why should transparency be a core value for organizations?

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An organization that values transparency knows it's more than just reporting financial information to investors. Transparency is the open, honest, flow of information from an organization to all its stakeholders, both employees and the external community. When transparency is done correctly, employee engagement increases and it's more likely customers will be loyal to your brand.

Interpret Top Box Percentages

Research studies have shown a large difference between the loyalty of people who indicate they are extremely satisfied compared to those who are just satisfied with their experience. Inclusion of top box percentages for data analysis provides information on respondents who are most satisfied with their experience.

5 Examples of Companies Succeeding Through Transparency

Transparency is a new goal for many businesses, winning over shareholders, employees, and the general public. When a business is open about its operations, it can earn a level of trust that it wouldn't have established otherwise.

External Customer Connection Questions

External customers want to feel valued and to trust you are providing the quality service based on their needs and wants. High performing leaders recognize the need to build feedback loops with external customers to inform service quality, improvement, and decisions that may affect service performance.



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