Culture of Safety

It Starts at the Top

Organizational culture is a combination of the values, standards, behaviors, and attitudes of its members. The people in your organization are either creating a culture of safety, where individuals are valued and excellent performance is supported at all levels, or a culture where negativity and distrust are spread.

People look to the leader of an organization for cues on how to act, what to say, and how to treat others. The leader has the power to create district environments where adults and students feel and act valued, confident, protected, and hopeful.

Safe Learning Environments

Now, more than ever, safety is top of mind for educators and leaders. As education leaders, we have an obligation to create the conditions for both students and adults to develop and thrive. Establishing a culture of safety is possible through the practice of:

  • Recognizing culture disruptors
  • Reflecting on culture assessment data
  • Reinforcing values and standards
  • Committing to relate, engage, and improve
  • Building lasting trust

How We Can Help

Build the Foundation

Explains the why, what, and how of the Culture of Safety and establishes essential knowledge focused on creating places where people can learn, work, and achieve.

Print or digital

Partner with a Coach

Advance from learning to action. The partner option offers workshops, virtual sessions, and practical application guided by a Studer Education Coach.

We work in partnership with district or school leaders and teams to diagnose elements of culture and determine a path to a more engaged, positive culture to offer a safe and positive learning and working environment.

2 full days of work together

Virtual Coach
Partner with a trusted advisor to support leaders to engage teams in the work that will overcome barriers revealed by evidence.

6 virtual coach sessions

Validation Session
The final session will include a debrief with the partner to reflect on accomplishments, wins, and opportunities for improvement.

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