Continue to listen and adjust as things continue to change.

When we are faced with change we have an opportunity to respond with creative solutions. Today, our guest shares how her organization is inspired to navigate change by the vision: one team, one mission, one community. Superintendent of Hopkins County Schools, Deanna Ashby explains, “our mess has become our unified message together.” Listen as Deanna and our host discuss how this district has become more than just a part of their community, and the deeper connections they’ve made as a result.

This episode answers questions such as:

  • What can we do to move forward steadily during uncertain times?
  • How can we build a high level of accountability for students and employees?
  • Why is it so important to utilize partnerships in our communities?

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Accelerate Your Communication

When poor communication is standard, employees are less productive, and organizations suffer from a loss of opportunity and customer dissatisfaction. Employees become unsure of their priorities, mistakes are made, and customer complaints increase. Effective communication increases employee engagement, community involvement, and builds the foundation for trusting relationships with the organization.

Practice Accountability

How accountable are you? Accountability starts with knowing what we are responsible for doing. As we work to accomplish the aim, our level of accountability is detected in the way we think about and react to barriers, the way we communicate progress, and the way we interact with others.


What is accountability? Why is it so hard? In our world and time, it sure seems like accountability is something that happens to us. In fact, it may even seem like accountability is forced on us. There is much cross-industry discussion and pondering about the difference between responsibility and accountability. No one does accountability to us. We embrace it with full awareness of what’s at stake.

Busting Through Barriers

We often hear that people are an organization’s greatest assets, and it’s true. Our colleagues and employees have unlimited potential to solve problems, adapt to challenges, and work collaboratively to achieve positive organizational results. And when it comes to problem solving, who better than the employees who are closest to the work?

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