Effectively Using Data to Make Tough Decisions

It wasn’t a surprise to our community that we were going to make data-driven decisions…we were going to not just decide if we’re going to open or close, but that we were going to be looking at the data, looking at the science and that our decision was to open at a hybrid model and then watch the data closely at the local level all the way down to the school and classroom level and make decisions on what we were seeing.

– Corey Golla, Superintendent, School District of Menomonee Falls

The School District of Menomonee Falls (SDMF) was recently featured in an article in AASA’s School Administrator magazine to share how the Wisconsin school district is boosting student engagement and learning outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this roundtable, Dr. Pat Greco was joined by SDMF Superintendent Cory Golla, Director of Teaching and Learning Casey Blochowiak, and Leader Coach Robin Largue for a roundtable discussion to learn from in-the-field experts have built an “army of improvers” in the district, where staff are learning how to increase student engagement, improve parent confidence, keep their people safe and sustain learning outcomes in 45-day cycles of improvement.

During the roundtable, Pat and School District of Menomonee Falls leaders shared their District’s progress through the Organizational Excellence and Improvement Maturity Model. They also shared how SDMF is effectively using data to make tough decisions by:

  • Listening skillfully and empathetically to prioritize organizational needs and take effective action
  • Developing and implementing the best idea to address challenges like potential learning loss
  • Identifying the right measures to assess progress and adjust as needed

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