Excellence Weekly: Align Behaviors with Goals and Values

Start the week with stories of excellence to inspire organizational alignment.


  1. Connect to purpose with the Accelerate Your Performance Podcast to hear the story of a principal who has dedicated her work to close the achievement gap within her school and strengthen team alignment and accountability.

  2. Learn how to drive progress with clear direction using an organizational scorecard.

  3. Join the Hardwiring Excellence in Education book club this afternoon focused on Chapter 7: Align Behaviors with Goals and Values.

  4. Discover how to align improvement at all levels using scorecards at our What’s Right in Education event.


Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Align Behaviors with Goals and Values


Using a scorecard to transform a low-performing school to the top-ranked school in the district for attendance


Discover how Dr. Angela Bush transformed Erwin Middle School from low-performing to a top-ranked institution in attendance, achieving #5 among middle schools in the county in 2022, by using scorecards to bridge the achievement gap, enhance team alignment, build community relationships, and increase student engagement.

Listen now

 30 min


Drive Progress with Clear Direction

How do we know we’re making progress?


An organizational scorecard conveys goals, measures, and actions that employees throughout the organization use to achieve their objectives, effectively narrating the story of each employee’s contributions.


During a What’s Right in Education conference, Dr. JoAnn Sternke emphasized that the first step in prioritizing the right actions is to use a scorecard to focus the team, and she advises keeping these priorities at the forefront during weekly meetings for optimal results.

What's on a Scorecard?
 4 min

Learn more about Scorecards


Hardwiring Excellence in Education Book Club

Chapter 7: Align Behaviors with Goals and Values


Join the book club today at 2 p.m. CT.


Dr. Janet Pilcher and guest Leader Coach Dr. Kathy Oropallo will discuss applying consistent practices to steer your organization in a positive direction, while also sharing scorecard examples from districts that exemplify Principle 7 of the Nine Principles® Framework.

Join the Book Club


What’s Right in Education 2023


Join high-performing leaders committed to aligning behaviors with organizational goals and values at our 12th annual education leadership conference on October 24-26.


Featured Session:

WRIE Session Highlight - Breakout Sessions: Aligned Improvement at All Levels









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