Excellence Weekly: Build a Culture Around Service

Start the week with stories of service excellence.

  1. Connect to purpose with a story about using feedback to provide great service.
  2. See service excellence in action with three key service excellence tactics featured in Hardwiring Excellence in Education.
  3. Listen to the Accelerate Your Performance Podcast to learn the value of great service.
  4. Register for What’s Right in Education on October 24-26, 2023.

Connect to Purpose

Using Feedback to Provide Great Service

Learn ways that one school district is intentional about being service oriented and focusing on excellence.


On a recent Hardwiring Excellence in Education book club session, Leader Coach and former Kentucky Superintendent Dr. Deanna Ashby joined Dr. Janet Pilcher to share how her school district was intentional in using survey feedback, voicemail procedures and follow-up to hardwire providing service excellence to students, parents and employees.

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Service Excellence in Action

Three Key Service Excellence Tactics

As an industry centered around service, educators strive to excel in delivering top-notch assistance. Achieving this requires us to actively cultivate leaders and employees skilled in essential service excellence tactics.


1. 5/10 Rule

The rule suggests that when an employee comes within a certain distance of a customer or guest, they should engage in some form of acknowledgment or interaction to create a positive and welcoming environment.

  • 10 Feet: When someone is within ten feet of a customer or guest, gesture a greeting with eye contact, a head nod, wave or smile.
  • 5 Feet: When someone is within five feet of a customer or guest, they should offer a friendly greeting by saying hello, nice to see you or asking how they’re doing today.

2. 60-Second Rule

The 60-second rule ensures that everyone is greeted within 60 seconds of entering a space, even if everyone is busy.


AIDET is an acronym that stands for the five key communication behaviors that service providers can use to improve patient and customer interactions. Each letter in AIDET represents a specific aspect of effective communication:


Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

The Value of Great Service

Donna Kirby, the Vice President of Operations at the Pensacola Blue Wahoo’s AA Baseball team, joins Dr. Janet Pilcher in this three-part series to discuss building a culture around service.


Service excellence differentiates your organization from others in your industry. Great leaders place importance on how to become the best service provider for what they do. Listen as Donna discusses the value of customer service and how to treat your organization like a living room.

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45 min

What’s Right in Education 2023

Education Leadership Conference • October 24-26 


Join high-performing leaders focused on service excellence at our 12th annual education leadership conference this fall in Pensacola Beach, FL.

Featured Session:
WRIE Session Highlight - Service Excellence as a Key to Hardwiring Excellence with Matt Robins and Jon Malone

See agenda and register for WRIE

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