Excellence Weekly: Develop Accountability to Develop Leadership

Start the week with stories of using accountability to inspire organizational excellence.


  1. Connect to purpose with the Accelerate Your Performance Podcast to hear the story of a superintendent who prioritizes accountability and excellent service.
  2. See accountability in action with two types of conversations that empower employees to communicate effectively.
  3. Join the Hardwiring Excellence in Education book club on September 18 focused on Chapter 6: Be Accountable.
  4. Discover how to integrate accountability into daily routines for enhanced leadership effectiveness at our What’s Right in Education event.


Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Develop Accountability to Develop Leadership


“He sets the example by being accountable and putting that visibly out there for everybody to see.”

Dr. Janet Pilcher invites Nannette Johnston, former Studer Education Leader Coach and 2014 Superintendent of the Year, to discuss her experience working with Superintendent Rob Clayton of Warren County Public Schools (KY). Hear how Rob has established an inspiring workplace culture, intentionally developed leaders, and demonstrated accountability within his district.

Listen now

 29 min


Accountability in Action

Conversation Frameworks that Promote Accountability


Organizations fostering accountability cultures can promote conversations that empower employees to communicate effectively.

1. Impact Message
An Impact Message is used to raise awareness of actions and their effects on the organization’s mission, emphasizing the impact rather than the individual, and is delivered in a supportive, caring manner.

Describe the Behavior
When you…
Focus on the behavior, not the person.

Describe the Impact
The result is…
Use concrete examples.

Indicate the Desired Change
I need/want/would like…
Reference organizational standards.

Get a Commitment
Do I have your agreement?

Example: I am not sure if you are aware that when you changed our team meeting time, it caused some of our teammates to not be able to attend. This meeting time is preventing some of our other teammates from being able to share their input and they miss valuable information. Is there any way we can adjust the meeting to a different time so more of our team can attend? Thank you for hearing my concerns.

2. Stub Your Toe Conversation
A “Stub Your Toe” conversation serves to highlight and address behaviors that deviate from agreed-upon standards or team norms, with a primary emphasis on the violated values.

Stub Your Toe Conversation Video
 2 min

Hardwiring Excellence in Education Book Club

Chapter 6: Be Accountable


The next book club session meets on Monday, September 18 at 2 p.m. CT

Join Dr. Janet Pilcher and guest Tim Wyrosdick, former Superintendent and organizational excellence coach for Warren County Public Schools under Superintendent Rob Clayton. Janet and Tim will discuss Chapter 6: Be Accountable and how individual accountability contributes to organizational goal achievement.

Join the Book Club


What’s Right in Education 2023


Join high-performing leaders committed to organizational excellence at our 12th annual education leadership conference Oct. 24-26.

Featured Session:

WRIE Session Highlight - Breakout Session: The Power of the Pause — Mark Martin, Superintendent of Meade County Schools, KY









Join this breakout session to hear how Meade County Schools’ innovative organizational framework empowers leaders to embrace accountability and excellence in their roles. Discover practical strategies to integrate accountability into daily routines for enhanced leadership effectiveness.


See agenda and register for WRIE

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