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Start the week with stories of excellence.


  1. Author Interview: Connect to purpose through a conversation with the author of Hardwiring Excellence in Education.
  2. Join the Book Club: Witness excellence in action during our monthly book club sessions.
  3. Learn how to grab your very own copy of the book.
  4. Enhance your learning with valuable resources from Hardwiring Excellence on our YouTube channel.


Connect to Purpose

Insights from Hardwiring Excellence in Education 


“And that’s what the book is really all about…how do we build inspiring workplaces so that we build strength in our people to accelerate results so at the end of the day they have purpose, worthwhile work and they’re making a difference.” — Dr. Janet Pilcher, Author of Hardwiring Excellence in Education


Discover the ties that bind Janet to the Nine Principles Framework®, hear her interpretation of what it means to be a leader, delve into the rationale behind her choice of stories to tell, and find out what’s next for readers to deepen their learning with the book.


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Excellence in Action

Join the Hardwiring Excellence in Education book club


Twice a month on Mondays at 2 p.m. CT


Embark on a transformative leadership journey by joining the Hardwiring Excellence in Education book club, led by author Dr. Janet Pilcher. Join us in thought-provoking conversations with expert leaders who have played a pivotal role in shaping the captivating stories of excellence in education within the book.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • 8/21 – Ch. 5: Focus on Employee Engagement
  • 9/18 – Ch. 6: Be Accountable
  • 9/25 – Ch. 7: Align Behaviors with Goals and Values
  • 10/9 – Ch. 8: Communicate at All Levels
  • 10/30 – Ch. 9: Reward and Recognize Success
  • 10/13 – Summary and Reflection
Join the book club


Hardwiring Excellence in Education 

Start Reading


The book is available for purchase on Amazon.


Our goal is to create inspiring workplaces by building strength in our people so we can accelerate results. Educators are passionate people with great purpose. Our work is important and worthwhile, and we are driven to make a difference in the lives of others. This book helps leaders be at their best to achieve excellence.

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Continue Your Learning

Hardwiring Excellence on YouTube


Elevate your understanding of educational excellence by delving into the Hardwiring Excellence in Education YouTube playlist.


Immerse yourself in clips from past Book Club sessions and gain exclusive access to stories of excellence spotlighted in the book from the Accelerate Your Performance podcast. Don’t miss this valuable source of insights. Be sure to subscribe to the Studer Education channel for the latest updates and insightful content to guide your journey toward transformative education leadership.

Hardwiring Excellence on YouTube

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