Excellence Weekly: Plan Strategically with Short Cycles of Improvement

Inspiring stories, practical strategies, and upcoming events dedicated to driving academic excellence and organizational success.


  1. Listen to the Accelerate Your Performance podcast to learn how superintendent Brian Sica kickstarted strategic planning and implemented short cycles of improvement during his first year.
  2. Learn from Studer Education Leader Coaches how to collaborate to set a clear strategic vision for organizational excellence.
  3. Download our Leader Action Plan template to break down your strategic plan into short cycles.
  4. Join us at What’s Right in Education to hear from exemplary districts and education leaders. Save with early bird registration discounts.


Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Plan and Execute for District Success


Learn how culture, strategy, and strategic planning cultivate trust and support organizational success.


Listen to Dr. Janet Pilcher’s conversation with Superintendent Brian Sica of Banks School District. Learn how he kickstarted strategic planning and implemented short cycles of improvement during his first year.

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 20 min


Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

The Power of Collaboration in Strategic Planning


Explore the intricacies of strategic planning, from forming strong steering committees to the role of executive leadership.


Discover the keys to staying ahead of the curve with strategic planning as Dr. Janet Pilcher engages in a deep dive with Dr. Casey Blochowiak, Coach Senior Director at Studer Education. Listen as we explore the role of coaches in the strategic planning process, strategies for selecting team members, and the benefits of strategic planning in navigating industry trends and challenges.

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 31 min


Leadership Tip: Break Down Your Strategic Plan into Short Cycles


Short cycle planning and leader action strategies provide the necessary framework for leaders at all levels to navigate challenges, driving academic excellence and organizational improvement.


Use our Leader Action Plan to outline key focus areas and next steps. This plan ensures alignment with the district or school’s scorecard goals and provides a basis for monitoring progress.

Read the article and download the template


October 22-24, 2024 • Westminster, Colorado

What’s Right in Education


Register to attend our 13th annual education leadership conference.


Don’t miss out on the premier education leadership event of the year! Join exemplary districts and education leaders from across the country as they gather to share creative solutions to common challenges in education. At WRIE, you’ll discover innovative approaches and explore groundbreaking solutions revolutionizing educational leadership. Gain valuable insights from leaders at all phases of the improvement journey, access tools backed by documented successes, and forge invaluable peer connections.

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