Hardwiring Excellence

executionStuder Education is known for helping organizational leaders hardwire behaviors to achieve results, and the Execution Flywheel is the process we use. Most school districts seek to improve the current performance of their leaders, teachers, and staff while achieving desired outcomes. What keeps them from improving and sustaining results? As we have coached partner school districts, we’ve found answers to this question. We created the Execution Flywheel to provide a visual for working with leaders to apply and sustain a continuous systems-improvement process.

At the center of the flywheel is the word excellence, which means school district leaders acknowledge that in order to maximize performance, every school and every department in a school district is to be excellent. The inner circle of the flywheel is the same inner circle of the Organizational Flywheel. It represents the core components of hardwiring excellence. The outer circle represents the continuous improvement process we apply with leaders and their teams to achieve and sustain results and to reflect on how their individual performance influences overall system results.

Key components in hardwiring excellence:

  • Diagnose: Gather and analyze baseline data to set growth goals
  • Act: Execute focused, consistent, and aligned actions to achieve growth goals
  • Coach: Train, support, and recognize high and improved performance
  • Validate: Verify leaders execute with consistency and fidelity
  • Assess: Gauge progress toward achieving growth goals

Our goal is not to add more to the plate, but rather to hardwire the process represented in the Execution Flywheel to determine if what’s on the plate is really helping school districts achieve key outcomes.

Excerpt from: Maximize Performance


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