Excellence Weekly: The Power of Pause, Reflection, and Connecting to Purpose

Start the new year with inspiring stories of connecting to purpose and pausing to reflect to achieve progress and make an impact.


  1. Watch Meade County Schools Superintendent Mark Martin share the significance of intentional pauses and reflections to assess progress and maintain a steady course toward long-term goals.
  2. Learn how to use intentional pause to lead with relentless resilience.
  3. Listen to the Accelerate Your Performance podcast for tips on how to intentionally slow down, pause, reflect on the past year, and prepare for what is next.
  4. Connect to the reason we work hard every day to make education a better place for students, families, employees, educators, and leaders.


Mastering the Art of Reflection: A Superintendent’s Guide to Progress and Impact


Superintendent Mark Martin shares valuable insights into the strategic planning and progress monitoring practices that have propelled his district forward.


Through emphasis on intentional pauses, data-driven reflections, and transparent communication, leaders in Meade County Schools (KY) are guided toward sustained success and impactful outcomes for continuous improvement. As school districts strive for excellence, adopting these strategies becomes instrumental in the journey from good to great.

Hear Meade County’s Story


The Power of Pause


Using pause to lead with relentless resilience


Learning the best ways to incorporate pauses in leadership is crucial for developing and maintaining resilience. Discover practical tips, such as the “Fact or Fiction” exercise, to help leaders better respond thoughtfully to unexpected situations.

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Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Mindfulness and Reflection Practices for Leaders and Teams


Listen as Dr. Janet Pilcher and Leader Coach Dr. Casey Blochowiak discuss the importance of living in the moment and how you can create intentionality in being present.


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 22 min


Reflect to Improve Your Leadership


Listen as Janet models how employees at every level in an organization can use self-reflection to improve and take to take your leadership to the next level.


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 15 min


Connect to Purpose


Start the year out right. Remember your why.


“Connect to Purpose” is a pivotal mantra for the Studer Education team. It urges us to remember why we work tirelessly each day to enhance education for students, families, employees, educators, and leaders. This connection to purpose becomes especially crucial when facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. We do what we do to provide educational experiences that broaden opportunities.

We recognize that purpose distinguishes leaders from managers and propels us to be better leaders. It fosters engagement, resilience, and courage, encouraging us to take risks and step outside our comfort zones for impactful growth. We advocate for daily reflections on your leadership purpose to gain a more passionate and effective leadership journey.

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