Stories of excellent organizations, ground-breaking leaders and the practices behind their success.

Accelerate Your Performance focuses on tactical actions to improve workplace culture. These tactics align to our Nine Principles® for Organizational Excellence.

EP141 Becoming an Improvement Organization

In this ever-changing climate, continuous improvement is more vital than ever, and it's something today's guest, Dr. Ed Manansala, County Superintendent of Schools at El Dorado COE, and the President of the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association are deeply committed to. Listen as Janet and Ed discuss how to engage people in continuous improvement, 5 bold steps for implementation, and why it makes a difference in critical times.

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EP140 The Little Things Pay Great Dividends

Have you ever felt a particular duty or aspect of your work was insignificant, small, or maybe even meaningless? No matter how small, every action has a ripple effect and contributes to the greater good for our organizations and teams. In this episode, our host Dr. Janet Pilcher shares a story that exemplifies this-- the humble beginnings that led to Kyle Johnston becoming the head athletic trainer for the Miami Dolphins. Listen as Janet shares key takeaways from Kyle's journey to success.

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EP139 Are We Energizing Others?

2020 has been the kind of year where we've all felt more stress and anxiety due to continuous change and uncertainty. As we turn our heads to 2021 now is a good time to reflect and self-assess. Has the stress we've understandably felt led us to be impatient with others? What kind of energy are we bringing home and to our workplaces? Do we drain energy from others, or do we energize others? In this episode, listen as Dr. Janet Pilcher dives into this topic. This will be our last episode [...]

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EP138 Take Off the Armor

"When you shut down vulnerability you shut down opportunity"-- the words of Brene Brown challenge us to get honest with ourselves and self-reflect. What does vulnerable leadership look like? We know it involves opening up and being real, but how do we approach vulnerability in our organizations? In this episode, Janet shares characteristics of vulnerable leadership and practical tips for leading with vulnerability.

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