Stories of excellent organizations, ground-breaking leaders and the practices behind their success.

Accelerate Your Performance focuses on tactical actions to improve workplace culture. These tactics align to our Nine Principles® for Organizational Excellence.

EP192 What do Employees Need from Leaders?

Leaders want employees who are happy, productive and invested in the organization's future. However, retaining these people requires leaders to become aware of what it takes to meet employee's needs in the workplace. Hear about those needs and the fundamentals we use to support confident and engaged employees from Leader Coach and employee engagement expert, Dr. KK Owen. Today, KK and Janet discuss what leaders can do to increase confidence and engagement on their team - and what we might [...]

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EP191 Saying ‘No’ to Manipulators

What can we do when an individual hoards conversation time, constantly interrupts, provides unsolicited advice and puts others down? These behaviors can be interpreted as manipulative and can damage individuals on our teams and organizations. To maintain working relationships, and be authentic to ourselves and those we lead, we have to firmly and diplomatically say no to manipulators. Today Janet shares examples of how to take control when working with a manipulator.

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EP190 Simple Strategies for Classroom Improvement

As educators, it's our goal to help students progress, achieve, and build confidence in themselves and their learning. We are witnessing schools do so by using simple continuous improvement strategies in the classroom. To share what this looks like, we've interviewed Leader Coach, Dr. Kathleen Orapollo, an expert in designing unique adult and student learning experiences. Today, Kathy and Janet discuss why classroom improvement is critical for students and staff, simple strategies to [...]

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EP189 Dealing with Manipulators

Within our organizations, there are people who will do whatever it takes to be successful. Sometimes people who we believe are high performers are actually lethal employees and manipulators. To gain power, people hoard information, shut others down, avoid seeking input and insist on always have control. Saving employees from manipulators in our organizations is one of the most difficult aspects of being a leader - especially if the manipulator is an executive leader. Today, Janet shares 8 [...]

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EP188 Are You a High Performer?

What does it mean to be a high performing employee? What if we all had an athlete’s mindset at work? Today Janet closes this series about defining high performance by discussing the final 8 personality traits of high-performing athletes from the Sports Management Degree Guide. Ultimately, it takes hard work and commitment to grow ourselves to be the best we can be. Do you see that commitment on your team?

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EP187 Connecting Operations to Student Success

We all want to attain excellence - some of us are just more systematic and focused on how to get there. Today's guest, Dr. JoAnn Sternke cautions, "You'll never achieve excellence if you don't have purpose, focus and alignment." In this episode, Janet and JoAnn discuss how to better align operational leaders and teams to realize their impacts in academic organizations. When we bring operational and department leaders together with school and classroom leaders, good things happen.

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