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Accelerate Your Performance is a top-rated weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Janet Pilcher, Managing Director of Studer Education and author of Hardwiring Excellence in Education. Each episode offers practical strategies for education leaders to succeed in student, service, and staff outcomes.

Dr. Pilcher shares leadership practices from the Nine Principles® Framework, collaborating with coaching experts and interviewing successful K12 and higher education leaders to provide real-world insights and actionable advice.

Tune in for weekly episodes to help you excel in your role and achieve organizational excellence. Join us to accelerate your performance and become your best at work!

Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Stories of excellent organizations, ground-breaking leaders and the practices behind their success.



EP347: Lean In, Stay Curious, and Other Leadership Lessons

What is impactful leadership? According to Dr. Janet Pilcher and returning guest, Dr. Pat Greco, it's all about making a difference, having a clear purpose, and creating meaningful and positive experiences for those they lead and serve.

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EP346: Educational Perspectives from California

Join Dr. Janet Pilcher for a special conversation with Dr. Chris Hartley, Deputy Executive Director at the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence. Together they discuss the evolving educational priorities from both state and national perspectives.

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EP345: Recalibrate to an Improvement Lens

What's more important than accountability? Join Dr. Janet Pilcher as she interviews Superintendent Bradley Roberson from the Oxford School District, who emphasizes the importance of focusing on daily actions that truly make a difference.

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EP344: Raise the Bar with a Growth Mindset

What learning gains can students make when their teachers and leaders are practicing a growth mindset? Join Dr. Janet Pilcher along with Principal Patches Calhoun and teacher Ms. LaTonya Smith from Oxford, MS as they discuss what it takes to create an inspiring workplace where mindset matters and students achieve phenomenal outcomes.

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EP343: Three Ways to Build Remarkable Schools

It may be the start of the summer, but it's prime planning time for educational leaders. Join Dr. Janet Pilcher as she explores three ways to think about building inspiring workplaces for our staff and inspiring classrooms for our students for the upcoming school year.

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EP342: Cascade and Execute Your Strategic Plan

How can school districts effectively cascade, communicate, and execute strategic plans? Superintendent Todd Antony and Principal Jared Schaffner from the School District of Onalaska describe how clarity and alignment in strategic plans fosters engagement across all levels.

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