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EP124 Purpose, Worthwhile Work, and Making a Difference P2

How did Quint advance his career from a High School Special Education Teacher to a Hospital President to a Founder and CEO? In this episode, we continue Quint Studer’s story from episode #122 and hear about one of his major life transitions-- a key moment when he took a risk and followed his heart. Listen as Quint and Janet discuss the part of his journey that fueled the creation for some of his greatest accomplishments.

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EP123 Manage Disruption: Adjust Quickly & Communicate Transparently

2020 has been a psychologically challenging year for leaders and employees across all organizations. At the same time, disruption can be our greatest innovator, and we've all learned important lessons from this year that will stick with us. In this episode, Ocean Springs School District Superintendent, Dr. Bonita Coleman and Janet discuss balancing the burden of keeping people safe with the responsibility for student achievement.

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EP122 Purpose, Worthwhile Work, and Making a Difference Part 1

We all want to make a difference in our work. Whatever the path maybe that has brought us to this point in our careers, our experiences along the way are valuable and have shaped who we are. In this episode, we take a look at Quint Studer’s path—from his childhood to his journey in education and healthcare. Listen as our host Dr. Janet Pilcher asks Quint about his journey, stories about those who impacted him along the way, as well as valuable lessons he learned.

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EP121 Elevate Your Communication

How do we speak our truth, while deepening our connection with others? Executive leader coach and author, Terre Short joins us to discuss more mindful, communication that comes from the heart. In episode 120 Janet and Quint discussed Terre’s book The Words We Choose: Your Guide to How and Why Words Matter. Today, listen as Terre shares tools from her book focused on how we can elevate our communication at work—making it more values-based and intentional— while remaining true to who we are.

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EP120 Why do Words Matter?

Words help us get where we want to go. Our words can make others feel better, or worse. Our words can diffuse difficult situations, or escalate them. This is why effective communication is so vital in every workplace. In this episode, listen as Quint Studer and our host Dr. Janet Pilcher discuss what leaders should avoid when it comes to communicating, and examples of ways words can be used effectively in a variety of workplace situations.

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EP119 What it Really Means to be Thoughtful

Hurricane Sally recently impacted our local area in Pensacola, leaving thousands with damage, flooding, and even the loss of an essential bridge between our communities. But what left the greatest impression on our host, Janet Pilcher, was the small, yet powerful acts of thoughtfulness that emerged among the mess. Striking acts of thoughtfulness were not only seen within our team but across our city. Being thoughtful is so much more than being nice. It requires more reflection and [...]

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