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Accelerate Your Performance focuses on tactical actions to improve workplace culture. These tactics align to our Nine Principles® for Organizational Excellence.

EP169 The Harmful Effects of Absentee Leaders

Have you ever worked with a leader who is physically there, yet psychologically absent? Someone who avoids ownership, meaningful engagement, and shifts the blame to others? This type of leader can be difficult, if not impossible to please - slowly killing productivity and engagement in the workplace. While an absentee leader's behavior may not come across as toxic, it can be more harmful than it appears on the surface. Today, Janet discusses the impact of absentee leadership and how we can [...]

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EP168 Now is the Time to be Bold and Courageous

Conversations about the need for transformation in education aren't new. However, this past year has demonstrated that transformation is possible - and at greater speeds than we ever realized. As we look ahead to the future of higher education, it's filled with both excitement and uncertainty. Today, Dr. Janet Pilcher is joined by Dr. Natalie Harder, President of Coker University, to discuss leadership, transformation, and the importance of integrity and excellence in higher education.

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EP167 The Ingredients for a Winning Team

Loyalty and trust go hand and hand. Great teammates have both loyalty OF the team and create loyalty TO the team. Listen as Janet shares insights from the article, Why Loyalty is Crucial to Basketball Excellence and how we can transfer those to our work teams. A good coach can't play the game with their team, but a good coach can set the team up for success. Create winning teams with the right talent and connections to become unstoppable.

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EP166 Refresh Strategic Goals to Move Forward

Strategic plans and goals are created with the best intentions to propel an organization into the future. There are also situations that require us to refresh these goals and readjust the next steps. Today, Dr. Sue Savaglio-Jarvis, Superintendent of the third-largest school district in Wisconsin, Kenosha Unified School District, joins Janet to share how her leadership team made the decision to refresh their goals with a strong focus on measures to drive success.

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EP164 One Team One Purpose: Rural America

Rural communities are inspiring places to live - people are always there to lend a hand and support one another through challenges and disasters. Rural communities also face unique challenges - the outmigration of talented workers, aging infrastructures, and consolidation into larger, less local systems. A Huron senior director, Tad Hunt, who oversees the rural and critical access segment, discusses with Janet how we can collaborate to overcome the challenges facing rural America, [...]

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