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Accelerate Your Performance focuses on tactical actions to improve workplace culture. These tactics align to our Nine Principles® for Organizational Excellence.


EP209 Define Values to Guide Your Decisions

Our school systems, leaders and educators have role-modeled tremendous resiliency since March of 2020. Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought, there have also been bright spots and bold leaders encouraging their teams to thrive. Today, we revisit a conversation with Tea Area Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Lowery, to highlight the difference their district makes by leaning on its values and focusing on its entire community.

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EP208 Bold Leaders, Bold Decisions, Bold Results

Bold leadership isn't about a position. Bold leaders use their hearts and minds to make a difference in the lives of others. Our professional calls on you to help young people realize their hopes and dreams - that is where educators find purpose. Bold leaders focus on the right small things that make a difference for employees, students and their communities. In this episode, hear how our host, Dr. Janet Pilcher recommends you connect to purpose through continuous learning and improvement.

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EP207 Save Time with Proactive Communication

Have you ever felt like you're running around your organization putting out fires? Today, Superintendent Ryan Carpenter, Estacada School District shares the communication tactics his team has in place that help him feel less like a firefighter. You'll also hear how these decisions were deeply rooted in data and continue to be analyzed on a consistent basis. As a result, people in Estacada are jumping ALL IN on the decisions its school district is making. Listen as Janet and Ryan discuss why [...]

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