Excellence Weekly: Unlock Organizational Excellence and Foster Positive Workplaces

Start the week with strategies and initiatives for achieving excellence and alignment throughout your organization.


  1. Learn strategies for accelerating results and fostering inspiring workplaces within education systems.
  2. Discover how to implement effective reward and recognition strategies for employees.
  3. Gain insights with the Accelerate Your Performance podcast as we uncover key questions leaders must address to foster organizational alignment.
  4. Take advantage of early bird registration discounts. Register for our 13th Annual What’s Right in Education (WRIE) Leadership Conference this October.


Create Momentum to Achieve Organizational Excellence


Learn strategies for building strength, accelerating results, and fostering inspiring workplaces within education systems.

Organizational Excellence Flywheel

The Organizational Excellence Flywheel symbolizes what is vital to a resilient education system. A disconnect from shared values often impedes the flywheel’s momentum, but by nurturing core values like purpose, worthwhile work, and making a difference, leaders can motivate performance acceleration.

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Simple Recognition Ideas to Create Meaningful Experiences for Employees


“It’s not enough to occasionally reward and recognize people. We need to hardwire reward and recognition so that it happens often.” – Dr. Janet Pilcher


Employees desire appreciation from their leaders. Unfortunately, the expectation of recognition for a job well done and the frequency it is provided rarely matches. Neglecting to reward and recognize employees for their exemplary performance is a leading factor in employee turnover.

Are you telling your high performers they are appreciated?

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Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Plan Strategically for Success


Gain insights into crafting strategic plans and uncover key questions leaders must address to foster organizational alignment.


Leadership success requires navigating the balance between emotions and logic. Employ strategic planning and an organization can effectively align its goals for optimal results. Explore this critical process with Dr. Janet Pilcher, author of Hardwiring Excellence in Education on our weekly podcast.

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October 22-24, 2024 • Westminster, Colorado

What’s Right in Education


Early Bird Registration Now Open. Discounted pricing available through July 31, 2024.


Join us for the 13th Annual What’s Right in Education (WRIE) Leadership Conference! At WRIE, exemplary districts and education leaders nationwide convene to present innovative solutions to common challenges. Connect with peers at different stages of the improvement journey, gain fresh perspectives, and explore solutions shaping the future of education leadership.

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