There is nothing worth compromising your values.

All leaders face challenges, but women in leadership roles experience unique obstacles. Our guest today, Jackie Gaines, who has more than 40 years of leadership experience, explains the importance of mentorship for women leaders. That’s why Jackie decided to write a book with “rules of the road” for women who aspire to be great leaders in business. Her bestseller, The Yellow Suit: A Guide for Women in Leadership, offers women a simple guide on how to be a highly effective leader in today’s world. In this episode, Jackie shares her story behind the “yellow suit,” how to find what brings you joy, and why any of us can be a leader.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • Why is it important for women and men to collaborate in the workplace?
  • What is the difference between authentic professionalism and the perception of professionalism?
  • How can leaders maintain their integrity?

Purchase your copy of Wearing the Yellow Suit: A Guide for Women in Leadership online.

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The Importance of Mentorship

Finding a mentor that is your perfect match can be a beneficial and energizing relationship. If you’re someone looking to mentor, you’ll need a set of steps to guide you. It’s a two-way street and both participants must be well-equip to get the most out of the experience. Are you ready to become the best mentor you can be?

Choosing Your Path

Before we set new goals, work on advancing our skills, seek out a mentor, or contemplate an important decision, it’s imperative to stop and ask, “What is really important?” The ability to determine what you really want out of life enables the clarity and focus necessary to be successful. We need to know what’s really important to seek the right assistance or make the best possible decision.

Connect to Purpose

As humans, our search for purpose is never-ending. Often, we focus on the meaning of life outside of our careers, spending time with children or grandchildren, volunteer work, or maybe even a passion project/side job. Connecting employees with how their position makes a difference can increase ownership and pride, therefore accelerating performance.

Are You Leading Your Work?

Leaders role model what the organization values and motivate and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Even without a leadership job title, it’s likely you are already leading your work in various ways. Ask yourself the following questions to discover where you are leading your work.



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