This week’s Quick Reads focus on leadership, employee engagement, and continuous improvement.


An “emotional connection isn’t enough” is one of the messages for leaders in this HR Review post, “Why Employee Engagement is Key,” which outlines strategies for engaging employees.

Three Steps to Boost Employee Engagement” in Forbes shares 3 points for leaders to think about, including, address the leadership challenge – empower employees:

“Companies are struggling to engage, attract, retain, and lead younger people. They don’t have the leadership programs to drive the dynamic level of leadership that young people want…” Bersin… Employee empowerment through collaboration and self-driven learning is crucial to fostering a culture of development and growth that drives higher performance.

This Fast Company article “Why Being Engaged At Work Isn’t As Simple As ‘Being Happy’” is a Q&A with Gallup’s CEO Jim Clifton in which he provides his prescription for bringing American workplaces back to full health. This interview in response to Gallup’s December 2013 poll which revealed, “just three in 10 American workers are engaged in their jobs.”

I landed on Harvard’s John Kotter (@JohnPKotter) Twitter feed today and found this: “I’ve been told @glennkelman is one of the nicest CEOs. If so, consider this insight into how that kind of CEO thinks. ” Glenn Kelman is the CEO of Redfin. Check out his post; final two paragraphs are below:

Then it was time for all of us to go. Standing up, I asked another boy how he felt about getting out of the house and going off to college. I expected him to say, “Thrilled.” He said, “Very scared.”

I was going to tell him not to worry, a near-automatic response from someone who has never had much to worry about, but I didn’t say anything at all. I wish I had told him what I was thinking, which is that being able to admit that you are very scared means you must also be very brave.

7 Key Qualities of an Effective Mentor” from Inc. provides leaders at all levels an opportunity to learn qualities for engaging their peers, beginning with the “ability and willingness to communicate what you know.”

Quick Reads offers us an opportunity to share some of what we’re reading each week. Let us know how you connect with the articles and share with us and WRIE readers what you’re reading.


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