This week’s Quick Reads focus on productivity, leadership, and employee engagement.


Productivity message from Inc., “5 Ways the 80/20 Rule Can Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder” available here.

The Only Productivity Tip You’ll Ever Need” in Entrepreneur suggests, “There is no one way to be successful… But no matter what their particular routine looked like, every productive artist embraced the idea of protecting a sacred time each day when they could work on their own agenda.”

From Harvard Business Review‘s HBR Blog Network, “Figure out what people really want to do.” Why? In “5 Tips for New Team Leaders” DeWitt suggests that “Quick changes in role definition can turn a solid player into a rockstar.”

Check out “Ten Productivity Hacks for Millennials who Work from Home” for productivity tips that assist folks in any flexible work environment.

Multitasking Is a Myth. Harness the Power of Focus to Achieve Extraordinary Results” (Entrepreneur) includes this example for folks to consider when they see something that needs changed:

For example, if you want people to focus on improving communication, talk about communication in every meeting. Add it to your monthly goals. Measure your progress. Take note of what people are talking about in meetings. When you shift your focus in a particular direction, an interesting phenomenon occurs. Suddenly, you will become sensitive to all the problems….

Quick Reads offers us an opportunity to share some of what we’re reading each week. Let us know how you connect with the articles and share with us and WRIE readers what you’re reading.


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