The destiny of our organizations is in our own hands as executive leaders.

It’s difficult to become a great organization, and even more difficult to sustain that success. This week, Dr. Pilcher explores the 5 stages of defeat as identified in Jim Collin’s book ‘How the Mighty Fall’ and what you can do as a leader to get up before you fall too far.  

This episode addresses questions, such as:  

  • Why do successful organizations fall? 
  • How can you get up before we fall too far? 
  • How do you lead your team to work with relentless resolve every day to achieve results, manage through difficulties and come out better at the other end? 

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Reflective Practice

The pace and complexity of our world mean most projects are filled with moving targets. Teams do their best to plan and anticipate setbacks, largely based on prior experience. In some instances, a team will fall completely flat and land nowhere near the target. No one gets out of bed hoping to perform worse today than yesterday. The way to move forward is to do more of what’s getting us positive results and to correct what’s not working.

Five Stages of Decline

Every institution is vulnerable to decline, no matter how great. We found that great companies often fall in five stages: Hubris Born of Success, Undisciplined Pursuit of More, Denial of Risk and Peril, Grasping for Salvation, and Capitulation to Irrelevance or Death. Organizations can be sick on the inside and yet still look strong on the outside; decline can sneak up on you, and then—seemingly all of a sudden—you're in big trouble.



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