University of West Georgia (UWG) President Dr. Brendan Kelly recently invited Dr. Janet Pilcher as a guest on his new podcast. In this episode, Dr. Pilcher details her leadership journey and how Studer Education partners with education institutions like UWG in achieving organizational excellence. She also shares her latest book, Hardwiring Excellence in Education, which helps all leaders (regardless of their position) be at their best to achieve excellence.

Off the Cuff with Dr. Brendan Kelly

off-the-cuff-podcast-with-dr-brendan-kelly-UWGOff the Cuff with Dr. Brendan Kelly is a podcast featuring conversations on leadership and performance from the president of the University of West Georgia!

Each episode of this podcast features Dr. Kelly engaging in insightful conversations with interesting people who have unique perspectives on how they lead their organizations or communities. The purpose of each episode is for you to take away tangible ideas of how you can transform your leadership in service to others.

You can listen to these compelling conversations via UWG, Apple, Spotify, and Google.

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