More than ever, educators face continuous pressure to reform established practices in order to improve outcomes. For many organizations, this means moving from an episodic to a continuous approach to improvement. This can be difficult for education professionals who have only ever seen improvement addressed with a variety of initiatives that put out disparate fires. There are three qualities that most high performing education professionals possess. When maximized, these professionals persevere and shape the path for improvement.

Continuous Improvement and High Performance 

Moving from episodic to continuous improvement is like a sprinter becoming a marathon runner. Continuous change and improvement takes a whole different set of muscles, mindset and range of emotional skills. In order to survive and thrive, high performing education professionals can focus on bringing their personal best to work each day. Building trusting relationships, communicating effectively, being positive and owning the work are all hallmarks of high performance.

Passion, Fortitude and Willingness to Learn 

Qualities that often set education professionals apart from others are passion, fortitude and willingness to learn. When it comes to thriving in an ever-changing and high-stakes environment, leaning into these traits can keep a high performing education professional going.  

Passion: The primary concern of an education professional is for students to be well educated. Passion is visible every day in education. Pausing to connect with that internal passion and mission in education is a motivator when times are challenging. 

Fortitude: It takes great fortitude and stamina to thrive in the midst of disruption. Change is difficult. It is hard for the people managing the change as well as for those on the receiving end. High performing education professionals stay the course by staying focused on clear goals. 

Willingness to learn: Every day, education professionals help people and are responsible for the well-being of students. In the middle of all this, high performing individuals continue to learn. Whether it is mastering a new technology, learning a new strategy or studying best practices, consistently show up and learn.

High performers from across the country are bringing their passion, fortitude and willingness to learn to our virtual conference. Connect with us and leaders who are learning how to build the foundation of a continuously improving organization and meet daily challenges while focusing on future success on March 9-10, 2021 at DHP West Coast. 


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