“Our lowest score on the [Parent Satisfaction] survey was we didn’t send positive notes or make phone calls to parents. And, we didn’t; the only time we called home was if it was a problem… there were only negative phone calls. So we said, ‘What can we do different?’” Principal Raczkowski-Shannon of Hunt Elementary School in Jackson, Michigan.

Teachers are now required to do five (5) positive phone calls per week, the calls must be logged, and the call logs are part of the teachers’ evaluations.

What was the initial reaction from teachers? Did teacher attitude change following implementation? Watch the video below to find out and to see more about what Hunt Elementary is doing with their students and parents.

Quick note: This video was captured from an audience member cell phone. The visual quality is not HD, but the presentation is worth the watch.


Identifying a Junior Viking of the Month is one way Hunt Elementary rewards and recognizes students. Posted in every classroom are the expectations for students, “What a Hunt Viking is” – a good citizen, good academic record, and what to do at school. Parents are invited in for the reception.

“We let students and their parents know that we do care about their children. We have a flyer posted outside of every classroom or on the door that is signed by each teacher that says, ‘Dear Students, I believe in you. I trust in you. You are listened to. You are cared for. You are important. You will succeed. Love, [and the teacher signs it]. This translates to the parents.” See the flyer below.

It is evident Principal Raczkowski-Shannon and the teachers and staff at Hunt Elementary School care about and value their students. They make a difference in the lives of students and their parents.



Hunt Elementary School is home to the Junior Vikings! Its mission is to teach all students basic grade level skills and promote social, emotional, physical and academic growth. Check out “Hunt Happenings” and enjoy a virtual tour of Hunt Elementary here.

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