Improving Outcomes: Align, Empower, Persist

A good leader isn’t supposed to be the doer of everything.

– Caitlin Windler, Director of Finance and Operations, West Allis-West Milwaukee School District

Over the past five years, the West Allis-West Milwaukee (WAWM) School District in Wisconsin has laid the foundational building blocks that support improving student outcomes with consistent leadership, aligned action and systemic persistence. In this roundtable, Dr. Melissa Matarazzo was joined by WAWM Superintendent Dr. Marty Lexmond, Director of Leadership and Learning Diedre Roemer, Director of Finance and Operations Caitlin Windler and James E. Dotke High School Principal Greg Geolz.  

During the roundtable, Melissa and WAWM leaders shared their District’s progress through the Organizational Excellence and Improvement Maturity Model. They also shared how WAWM aligns, empowers and persists by:

  • Sustaining commitment to powerful strategies for improvement through transitions, crises and school years
  • Modeling and embedding project-based learning and deeper learning competencies across diverse schools and students
  • Implementing systems to push-in to support all learners, rather than pulling students out of classes for needed interventions

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Learn more about the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District’s journey to improving outcomes through aligning, empowering and persisting.



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