The Straight A Leadership Assessment diagnoses a given organization in the key areas of: (1) alignment, (2) readiness for change, (3) fundamentals, (4) self-awareness, (5) consistency, and (6) accountability.

Alignment within and across an organization means aligned goals, aligned behaviors, and aligned processes. Sample questions we might self-reflect on as a leadership team to determine alignment of:

Goals (Scorecard Objective Evaluation System): Are these outcomes aligned across levels of leadership and communicated to the workforce as priorities?

Goals (Leader Development): Is there a system in place to build the leadership skills for all leaders to achieve success?

Behaviors (Always Behaviors): Is there a system to validate that leaders are applying the skills and doing so with quality?

Behaviors (Performance Management): Is there a system in place to retain the high-performers, to develop and retain the solid performers, and/or to move the sub-par performers up or out of the organization?

These self-reflective questions and the process of administering the Straight A Leadership Assessment provides a first step that leaders can take to gain insight about perceptions focused on the factors influencing high-performing educational systems. We have found that the tool leads to many “ahas” inside systems to provide data that leaders can use to create a road map for maximizing performance.

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