Energize your colleagues with recognition.

When we establish recognition systems in our organizations or on our teams, we focus on employees by understanding what makes them shine and what keeps them engaged. Focusing on expressing appreciation for the contributions people make to our organizations motivates individuals to continue their hard work. Sincere appreciation changes the culture of the organization. It takes little time and has a tremendous impact on others. A culture of recognition is powerful and contagious.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How do we set up a system for recognizing employees to build a positive culture of appreciation and gratitude?
  • What can I do to incorporate recognition as a habit for our team?
  • How can I reward and recognize my team without blowing my budget?

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Reward & Recognize

45% of U.S. workers surveyed haven’t been recognized at work in the past 6 months or more, and 16% have never been recognized at work, research from Globoforce’s WorkHuman 2017 Survey Report finds. However, we know appreciation is one of EMPLOYEES’ top ten answers when they’re asked what they want from their leaders. Why is there a disconnect between the appreciation employees are looking for and how often leaders are providing recognition?

Thank You Notes Matter

Our job, as leaders, is to intentionally notice when employees are doing exceptional work, being especially helpful to others, and living the values/standards of the organization. Once we notice, we must act. One action that recognizes others for good work is writing a thank you note to that person. Why do thank you notes matter? In this excerpt from a Coach Chat, KK Owen and Erica Callaway talk with a group of administrators about the power of recognition, while sharing their own recent experiences with the simple thank you note.

Ideas for Recognizing Your Employees

Rewarding and recognizing people boosts morale, increases engagement, and results in a more productive working environment. Expressing appreciation for the contribution someone has made to the organization motivates them to continue their hard work. Leaders are often concerned that rewarding and recognizing others is costly. There are a variety of ways to creatively recognize your people without blowing your budget. Here are a few ideas:

What Gets Recognized Gets Repeated

Employees are humans and humans are emotional beings. When employees are asked what they most want from their leaders, two of the top ten answers are: 1) Relationship with my leader, and 2) Appreciation for the job I do. High performing leaders across organizations know the importance of prioritizing employee recognition in a multitude of ways. They know that employee recognition increases engagement by addressing employee needs for relationship and appreciation. Additionally, they know that recognized behavior gets repeated.



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