Creative Content Analyst

Mary works as a Creative Content Analyst, working on a variety of content that supports our partners. This includes articles and tools on 9P, content for the Accelerate Your Performance Podcast, Noteworthy News, as well as Parent as Learning Coach content. She shares her expertise in news research, writing and production, where her work helps leaders achieve the outcomes they aim for in their organizations and communities.

Mary’s passion for personal growth and improvement led her to attend Highlands College in 2016, where she took courses in leadership and ministry, earning a Certificate of Ministry in 2018. Highlands College was founded by Church of the Highlands, where Mary served as an active member for four years in Alabama. She was impressed by the leadership in the church and the impact the church was making in lives and communities across the country and it stirred her to seek to grow in leadership personally.

Mary studied at the University of Alabama, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts, double-majoring in Telecommunications and Film and Spanish. She went on to earn a Master’s of Science in Broadcast Journalism at Boston University (BU). During that time, she won the Natalie Jacobson Internship, established by WCVB and Heart-Argyle Television, Inc. to pay tribute to journalist Natalie Jacobson. As an intern, Mary worked in the newsroom at WCVB in Boston where she gained experience writing and packaging news stories and collecting MOS for the shows. During her final semester at BU, Mary moved to NYC for an internship with World News with Charles Gibson, where she gained experience working behind the scenes in the newsroom as well as in the field shadowing producers and correspondents.

Mary went on to accept a position as a reporter in Huntsville, Alabama at WHNT-TV, where she gained experience working as a reporter, delivering live reports, breaking news coverage and producing segments for CrimeStoppers. Mary’s on-air experience includes her work at Neighborhood Network News in Boston, BUTV-10– BU’s student-run newscast, WIAT-TV in Birmingham and most recently her role at WZDX News in Huntsville, where she worked as a weekend news anchor and reporter. In her role there, she produced the 9 p.m. show on the weekends, which she also anchored. In addition to doing news reports during the week, she also produced a Valley’s Top Teacher segment, which highlighted outstanding teachers across the Tennessee Valley. At WZDX, Mary had the opportunity to grow as a storyteller and to grow her video production skills.

Mary also spent several years working in sales and account management, where she gained experience serving clients and creating a memorable customer experience. She spent three years of this time working in advertising, where she wore a variety of hats that include managing projects and campaigns for clients, advising clients on creative solutions, working on the creative team to produce content for clients, as well as generating new business. In her role at WIAT-TV in Birmingham, Mary helped launch sponsored series for clients that were unique to the market. There, she worked as an account executive and on-air host for the sponsored segments, brainstorming with clients to execute sponsored content that helped them reach their goals while adding value to the viewer.


B.A. Telecommunications and Film | University of Alabama
M.S. Broadcast Journalism | Boston University
Certificate of Ministry | Highlands College


Service Excellence, Journalism, Content Development, Broadcast Media, Effective Communication


Nine Principles for Organizational Excellence


Joined Studer Education Team
News Anchor and Reporter
Sales and Account Management


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