Moments that Matter: How One Superintendent Defines Performance Expectations and Uses Effective Decision-Making to Develop Leaders on His Team

Start the week with a story of excellence in education, a simple feedback tool and events that inspire!


  1. Connect to purpose with the Accelerate Your Performance podcast.
  2. Learn how to use the Fist of Five tool to support excellence.
  3. Join the Hardwiring Excellence in Education book discussion.
  4. Register for What’s Right in Education on October 24-26, 2023.

Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Excellent Organizations Have Excellent Leaders

Excellent leaders like Superintendent Dr. Matt Hillmann understand that their teams must perform well for their leadership to be effective.


On a recent episode of the Accelerate Your Performance podcast, 2023 Minnesota Superintendent of the Year Dr. Matt Hillmann shares how he clearly defines performance expectations for employees and works to develop leaders within his district. Dr. Hillmann says that feedback from his team is the key to his district’s success.


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Use the Fist of Five Feedback Tool

Dr. Hillmann uses this activity to gather input from his team.


Great leaders are transparent even when making and communicating tough decisions. Fist of Five is an effective and simple practice that helps leaders get a pulse on their team’s alignment during the decision-making process.


Fist of Five Voting Tool

Hardwiring Excellence in Education

Develop Leaders to Develop People

Join Dr. Janet Pilcher and guest Dr. KK Owen, Studer Education Leader Coach, at our book club today to discuss Chapter 4.


Janet and KK will be discussing how to optimize team performance using effective coaching techniques, including the development of employees along an organizational performance curve. Dr. Hillmann’s success at Northfield Public Schools is a highlight of the discussion.


The Hardwiring Excellence in Education book club is held twice a month on Mondays at 2 p.m. CT. If you don’t have the book yet, that’s okay. Register for the book club and get the introduction and first chapter for free. The book is also available to purchase on Amazon. We hope you’ll join us!


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What’s Right in Education 2023

Education Leadership Conference • October 24-26 


Join high-performing leaders like Dr. Matt Hillmann at our 12th annual education leadership conference this fall in Pensacola Beach, FL. Dr. Hillmann will take the WRIE stage alongside Dr. Janet Pilcher for a fireside chat on how his district is hardwiring excellence in education and building community confidence and trust.


See agenda and register for WRIE

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