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Movement is fuel for your child’s brain.

EP20: Movement and Learning

Movement is fuel for the brain. Is your child getting enough of it? In this episode, we give you ways to get your child moving through play and coordinated activity.

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Parents are brain changers.” In this episode, Dr. Anne Gutshall joins us to break down the learning process. She describes how connections form in the brain when we learn something new. She also gives us simple steps parents can take to support this important brain work. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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Whether your child is in a school building or in your living room, most of their day involves structured schoolwork. This structured approach to learning is important, but so is play. Coach the learning by making sure your child has time for play throughout the week. Play provides an opportunity to use information in different ways. It also builds social, physical, and verbal skills.

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