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Stoplight Report:

We use a Stoplight Report to communicate the information leaders receive from rounding. This report shows how the ideas and concerns that have come up are dealt with. Posting Stoplight Reports in a communication bulletin, on boards, or through other existing communication protocols is an excellent way to disseminate information.

  • Green items are things that have been addressed and are complete.

  • Yellow items are things in progress.

  • Red items are things that cannot be done and are followed by an explanation of why they can’t be done.

We also use the green-yellow-red breakdown to track status on short-cycle initiatives. Leaders can use this approach in multiple ways. Here’s an example: We coach superintendents to round with their senior leadership teams. One question they ask is, “What processes can be improved to make your work more efficient?” Superintendents gather the responses and determine how to follow through. The Stoplight Report is the communication tool they use with their senior teams.

Asti Kelley, Studer Educationâ„ 

Excerpt from: Maximize Performance


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