Productivity, Engagement and Culture: The Trifecta of Resilient Organizations

Start slow, collect your wins and keep moving.

– Superintendent Ryan Carpenter

A resilient organization does more than respond to change, crisis or threats. To establish a culture of resilience, leaders model resilient behaviors, use the language of resiliency and inspire teams to keep moving forward. In this roundtable, Dr. Kathy Oropallo was joined by Oregon Superintendent Ryan Carpenter to share how the Estacada School District focuses on productivity, engagement and culture to create resilient leaders in a resilient organization. 

In the roundtable, Kathy and Ryan share Estacada School District’s progress through the Organizational Excellence and Improvement Maturity Model. Ryan also shared how the district:

  • Organizes meeting time for maximum productivity and engagement
  • Engages in two-way communication with employees to identify the most important challenges that need to be resolved
  • Achieves recognition for Estacada’s employee engagement and workplace culture

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When teams are experiencing immense change or periods of disruption, leaders can bring attention to the priorities by creating routine team huddles to test ideas, monitor progress and learn as changes are implemented.

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When leaders round, they recognize employees’ needs, which are to feel cared for, to develop their skills through training and to have the resources they need to do their jobs. Rounding helps us harvest wins and allows employees to provide feedback about their work environment.

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A resilient organization does more than respond to change, crisis or threats. To establish a culture of resilience, leaders model resilient behaviors, use the language of resiliency and inspire teams to keep moving forward. Review the four critical characteristics of resilient leaders.

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Listen to Ryan Carpenter on the Accelerate Your Performance Podcast.

Episode 97: Continuous Improvement: Where Do You Start?

Most would agree adopting a continuous improvement effort is good for a team or an organization. However, after implementing improvement science, many leaders find themselves wondering if they are in fact making any improvements and find it difficult to define and sustain progress. In this episode, Superintendent Ryan Carpenter, Estacada School District, discusses why his team made a commitment to adopting a continuous improvement mindset and implementing Evidence-Based Leadership℠ framework across the school system, and the difference it has made a year later. Ryan’s approach to starting small and putting people first not only transformed their lives and work environment, it also prepared them to collectively face the challenge COVID-19 would bring to their community.

Episode 98: Jump All-In to Improve

Establishing a system of continuous improvement doesn’t have to be complicated. In this episode, Ryan Carpenter shares how the Estacada School District started slow to go fast while implementing Evidence-Based Leadership℠. Hear how their team improved results by developing deeper relationships and including community voices. While there is no playbook for leaders right now, in this episode, Ryan discusses how you can be the best for your team and reflects over his district’s first year using an improvement framework.

Episode 181: How Can We Improve Employee Engagement and Communication?

Last September, one of the largest wildfires in central Oregon’s history came within a mile of schools and downtown Estacada. While still navigating the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, all 1,800 of Estacada School District‘s students, families and employees were evacuated from their homes. However, Superintendent Ryan Carpenter and his team prepare proactively to respond to emergencies and were able to quickly move to action. As he joins Janet today, he shares how his team collected data to make the best decisions for their district and community.


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