Provide Performance Feedback Aligned to Values

When you set goals with your employee, you’re also keeping the company aligned. Individual performance is connected back to company performance. Goals also become a measuring stick for progress, as they’re intertwined with the company’s mission.

– Lattice Team

Expectations are a starting point, but ongoing coaching feedback is the key to growth. Once we’ve defined the important contributions each employee can make to students’ learning experiences, then we’ve got to offer feedback on behavior that’s aligned to those expectations and what is not – yet. Learn how to provide effective feedback that supports and challenges each employee to achieve better outcomes for students.

In the roundtable and the discussion, Leader Coach and former Florida Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick shares how to provide effective feedback that supports and challenges each employee to achieve better outcomes for students. Tim also challenged leaders to think about how their organizations establish expectations for organizational excellence and pillars for performance management.

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Roundtable Resources

purpose of values

Why Values Matter | 9P

An organization’s core values are the beliefs that guide the actions and words of individuals within the organization. When organizations successfully live out their values, alignment of strategy, action, and mindset is obvious to internal and external stakeholders.

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organizational excellence

Organizational Excellence | 9P

Many on the quest for excellence already understand that it’s not exactly a destination. Organizational excellence is an ongoing effort to diagnose, adjust and deliver beyond what’s expected.

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Deliver Feedback that Inspires

Feedback that Inspires | 9P

Think about the last time you received constructive criticism. Did it actually prompt you to change your behavior? Maybe not. Yet we know learning new skills and improving performance is something our peers and direct reports desire. The key is to reshape your feedback conversations to focus on achieving a positive outcome together.

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Organizational Values are More than Words on a Wall

Education leaders diligently seek organizations with strong organizational values to align with as a driving force to serve students. Use these five tactics to bring your organizational values to life.


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