Realigning with our Values and Expectations in our “New Normal”

For values to be meaningful in an organization, they need to walk the halls, not just live on the walls.

– Erica Karr

While every school district followed its own distinct path through the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us are returning, in some way, to new ways of leading, organizing and operating in what some call a “new normal.” It’s critical that we stay aligned to our values and communicate clear expectations as we kick off the academic year of 2021-2022.

In the roundtable and the discussion, Leader Coach Dr. Gayle Juneau Butler shares tools, tactics and resources for sustaining your organizational commitments to core values and expectations. During the discussion, Gayle challenged leaders to:

  • Describe the landscape of your organization as you return to work offices? What is working well? What do you need to solve for?
  • Based on types of considerations for reentry, where do you and your organization need to spend time – safety, providing time for readjustment, dedicating time and resources to re-engagement or connecting with values to align people?
  • What tools/tactics are of most interest and seem most useful to you for immediate implementation? What questions do you have? How can we help each other in moving forward in the new normal?

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Roundtable Resources

There is More than One Way to Round | 9P

There isn’t a wrong way to conduct rounding – unless you are avoiding it altogether. When we round, our goal is to build relationships with our stakeholders. It doesn’t matter if we approach rounding in a formal or informal fashion. Its true value is in the connection itself.

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Episode 199: 2 Tactics to Hardwire for the New School Year | Accelerate Your Performance

New academic years begin with new faces everywhere you look. Whether people are new to the organization or new to their role, Janet recommends two tactics that build confidence and support employees in a new position. To be an excellent organization, we strive to apply these practices and train all of our team members to do the same.

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Are Your Employees Being Heard? | Studer Education

People are more likely to be engaged when they feel like they are listened to and their work is connected to their purpose. It’s important for leaders to recognize that while you can’t force individuals to be motivated, you can create the right environment for people to be motivated within. When people feel cared about and are treated as valuable members of the organization, they’re motivated to do their best.

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How to Reinforce Traditional Values in the ‘New Normal’

For many organizations, a return to normal isn’t going as smoothly as hoped. Indeed the basic aspects of organizational identity remain the same. Yet leaders struggle to bring these pieces back to life. Much has changed in the hearts, minds and values of employees after living and working through a worldwide pandemic. That being the case, how can you help employees realign to the organization’s traditional values and culture?

It requires that you take time to plan and prepare for careful, thoughtful execution. Start reinforcing traditional values while embracing the ‘new normal‘ with these steps.


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