Resilience: The New Leadership Superpower

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.

– John Campbell

In this roundtableDr. Kathy Oropallo shared some inspiring perspectives on what it means to be resilient and you can find resilience within.

In the discussion groups, Kathy challenged education leaders to explore some tough questions:

  • Are you intentionally creating processes to develop resiliency in your organization? If not, what might that look like?
  • Does your organization lean into their values as they respond to
    changes and disruptions?
  • “Analysis paralysis” can cause an organization to wait for the perfect solution. How are you encouraging your organization’s leaders to decide
    quickly and act boldly?

Roundtable Resources

Pause, Perspective, Process

There is a difference between reacting and responding when emotions are triggered. Reactions are often irrational making others unhappy and the situation worse. A response is more carefully thought out and decides the best course of action based on reason.


Plus/Delta Process

Use a Plus/Delta process to reflect about a recent event, assess the effectiveness of a team project, gather immediate feedback about a new process, or ask a random sample of employees or teams about the latest organizational change.

Why Do Values Matter?

Values set an organization apart. They clearly communicate the organization's purpose, while serving as anchors for employees and customers to continuously connect to that purpose. Taking the time to define values reinforces understanding and preserves the organization's unique identity.

The Toolkit

Return to Learn: Organizational Excellence Execution and Improvement

The practices and tools in this toolkit provide a framework for deploying a process that aligns measures, actions, input, results and conversations to help the team stay focused on serving students and their families well and providing them with an excellent education.

Future Roundtable Sessions

Each week, our coaches lead a discussion with a community of leaders who are facing similar challenges. These 60-minute sessions are free and allow opportunities to learn from expert leadership coaches and have candid conversations with other leaders about barriers, share successful practices, and re-center on what works.

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