Lead with a heart of service.

As we start to welcome students back to school, leaders are focused on how to help ease the anxieties of students and families. Dr. Michelle Rodriguez and her team at Pajaro Valley Unified School District have built systems and processes to do just that. This school district exemplifies how a heart service can help lead to swift, decisive action. Listen as Michelle and Janet discuss how a strong commitment to service has helped the district get ready for fall, enabling teachers and administration to serve their most vulnerable students.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can leaders make decisions with confidence among uncertainty?
  • How can we serve and advocate for our most vulnerable students?
  • What does a relentless commitment to service excellence look like in times of crisis?

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Excellent Service From the Inside Out

People Come First. The foundation of service excellence begins before customers ever contact the organization. To consistently provide service that goes above and beyond customer expectations, organizations should define what they stand for and how they want to interact with those they serve and with each other.

Exceed with Delight

Customer experience is the sum of all contact, from first discovering and researching a product or service, to shopping and purchasing, to using the product/service and following up with the company/organization afterwards. The experience is a journey for our customer and our organization must approach customer care and the plan for customer care in the same way. Customer service is what distinguishes businesses, offices, schools, hospitals, etc. The research is clear and it tells us the quality of service received while purchasing, and then after a sale, is what brings customers back to organizations.

Accelerate Your Communication

When poor communication is standard, employees are less productive, and organizations suffer from a loss of opportunity and customer dissatisfaction. Employees become unsure of their priorities, mistakes are made, and customer complaints increase. Effective communication increases employee engagement, community involvement, and builds the foundation for trusting relationships with the organization.

Cascading the Building Blocks of Service Excellence

When we ask our teams to deliver excellent service, it’s important to explain what “excellent service” means for your organization. To build on the explanation and increase the understanding and delivery of service that goes above and beyond, employees benefit from ongoing communication about standards of service. Providing excellent service is core to an organization’s success and should always remain a focus of leadership and teams.



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