Collecting and sharing data is key to the success of a continuously improving organization. There is no lack of data in education. It is important to figure out the most vital data to measure, rollout the results, and make positive changes.


Sometimes we see extensive measurement in one area and scant measurement in an area that is far more vital. In most organizations we work with, leaders express confusion about how to select the most important measures and how to know which ones represent overall results and which ones represent a predictive type of measurement that informs decision-making.

Of course, student achievement is an essential measure for districts, but organizations may not be measuring other vital things such as teacher and staff engagement and parent satisfaction. If organizations do measure these factors, they don’t have a process for sharing the results and gathering input for the purpose of improvement.

Share & Address

Sharing results is key in this process. Organizational changes cannot be made, if those within the organization do not see the need for the change. Rolling out results brings awareness and transparency. Transparency builds trustsomething employees need in order to do their best work.

Measures help us focus on the most critical elements that influence the success of organizations. What we measure, we value, and therefore, it’s what we address.

How do you determine the most valuable things to measure within your organization? Do you then roll out the results, the most important step, to find solutions and make changes?

Asti Kelley, Studer Education℠

Excerpts from: Maximize Performance

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