Reward and Recognition: Connecting to Mission and Values

Gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.

– Randy Pausch

Effective leaders highlight the impact of employee contributions, connecting recognition to fulfilling the mission and values of our organization. In this roundtable, Dr. JoAnn Sternke shares gratitude tools and examples for how leaders can apply award and recognition tactics that will sustain your team’s motivation to give their best every day. 

In the discussion groups, JoAnn challenged leaders to reflect on their current gratitude practices and share examples of reward and recognition:

  • Who is someone you work with who does a great job of extending gratitude? What do they do?

  • What is something successful or unique you have done to express gratitude to those you work with?

  • What is a goal you can set to extend gratitude in the next month?

Roundtable Resources


Reward and Recognize | 9P

Taking the time to recognize a job well done and to connect an employee’s performance with the organization’s goals, gives people a deeper sense of purpose for their work.

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AYP Podcast cover art

Make Recognition a Habit | Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

This episode addresses questions, such as: How do we set up a system for recognizing employees to build a positive culture of appreciation and gratitude and not blow our budget? What can I do to incorporate recognition as a habit for our team?

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What Gets Recognized Gets Repeated | 9P

Leaders can look for the standards and values “in action” and recognize individuals for living the standards or living the values of the organization. This increases the presence of the right behaviors among employees.

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Parent as Learning Coach

Get Parents and Students Involved in Recognition

Parents and students are a part of your team. Parents support and coach the learning from home in a more involved role than ever before. Recognizing what their child is doing well and how they are contributing can give them a huge boost.

You can also create a culture of gratitude by partnering with parents to help students practice gratefulness. Our recent School House podcast episode, Coaching Kids to Be Grateful, features Dr. Giacomo Bono, and expert in positive youth development. Dr. Bono explains the relationship between gratitude and learning, and provides practical tips for parents who want to coach their kids to be grateful.

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