Complaints grow like weeds and compliments grow under the soil.

What kind of impact does the energy we bring to work have on others? There are three things leaders will want to avoid in order to inspire positive attitudes and productivity on their teams. In today’s episode, Quint Studer and Janet discuss seemingly harmless, yet dangerous patterns of thinking that can be destructive to our organizations. Listen as we share practical tips that will help us frame our messages and take ownership.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • Why are the three C’s dangerous in workplace cultures?
  • Is our constructive criticism really constructive?
  • What is the best gift you can give your boss?

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Are the Three Cs Holding You Back?

"We always get the short end of the stick." Or, "We're getting shafted...again!" Or, "Why do wedraw the short straw?" For decades I have heard people make statements like this when they feeltheir department or entity is not being treated like other parts of the organization.

Victim Thinking

We have all done it; sat around feeling sorry for ourselves and thinking, “How will I ever complete this task,” or “If I only had better software to get this job done.” Some days may seem like everything is going wrong or it's just not your day. You may be faced with a challenging assignment or difficult decision, and instead of taking ownership of the situation, you find yourself wallowing in self-pity. How we choose to handle those situations can positively or negatively influence our work relationships.

Model the Way by Managing Up

Manage up is used to create the habit of focusing on the positive, while stamping out the negative. It allows us to model for others the sentiment of recognition and appreciation for hard work. We validate for our employees that we live the values we have deemed important to fulfilling our mission and vision. Manage up is a communication tactic that allows us to paint ourselves, our co-workers, and our organizations in a positive light.

The Power of Perspective

At times we can all find ourselves trapped in a negative mindset or experiencing negative thoughts. We may even enjoy the attention and validation we get from others trying to help us. Have you ever considered the long-term consequences from this way of thinking? Negative thoughts are self-perpetuating and can cause damage to our work and personal relationships, future opportunities, and even your health.

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