It’s okay to serve more than one purpose.

We often hear about purpose talked about it in a singular way. For many of us, this may resonate—we know beyond a shadow of a doubt what drives us and why we find meaning in our work—but that’s not always the case for everyone. Perhaps we have many interests and our work roles have evolved and taken many different forms over the years. This rings true for today’s guest, Casey Kuktelionis, our Strategic Communication associate and podcast producer. In this episode, Casey shares how a broader purpose can still drive us and bring us meaning to our roles both in and outside of work.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What simple practice can help us see purpose and meaning in what we do at work?
  • What questions can I ask myself or ask others to help bring clarity around purpose?
  • How can negative or bothersome situations or tough times from the past help reveal our purpose?

To hear our host and Studer Education Founder, Dr. Janet Pilcher, share her connect to purpose story, visit episode #100 Stories of Purpose Part 1.

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Maximize Happiness at Work

Most employees start work with passion, excitement, and willingness to take on new challenges. Over time, some employees may find themselves in a rut, dreading going to work each day. Individuals don’t always connect how the work they do daily leads to meaningful outcomes. Maximize your happiness at work by focusing on the impact you make.

The Impact of One

Name one person who consistently makes a positive impact in your organization. What is the impact? Why does it matter? An organization is just a bunch of individuals working together for a common purpose. About 92% of those individuals have a clear understanding and make a conscious commitment to that purpose each day. The impact of one can mean the difference between organizational mediocrity and excellence.

Connect to Purpose

How do you connect with the bigger picture? If you've ever wondered, "Does my work actually matter?" you're not alone. 74% of LinkedIn members place a high value on finding work that delivers on a sense of purpose. People want to feel good about the work they do.

The Power of Storytelling

Why does it seem so difficult to sit through a 2-hour presentation, but easy to sit through a 2-hour movie? Would you rather read 20 bullet points on how a product can benefit you, or listen to someone who uses the product to share their experience? Stories have a unique ability to keep people entertained, while also passing along valuable information or lessons. Employees are motivated when they hear stories about how their work impacts people’s lives.



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