The actions of one can travel far.

In our work and personal lives we all want to feel that what we do matters. Staying connected to our purpose can infuse meaning into all that we do. Giving, serving, leaning into our values, and thinking about others can all help fuel us with a sense of purpose, as our guests today share. In this episode, listen as Leader Coach Nannette Johnston, Digital and Software Analyst Basil Kuloba, and TeacherReady Director of Enrollment and Relationship Management Dr. Sarah Miller, share what drives them and brings meaning to the work they do.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can our values help fuel a sense of purpose in our work?
  • What simple practice can help individuals stay inspired in their work?
  • What actions can we take to find purpose both in our work and personal lives?

To hear our host and Studer Education Founder, Janet Pilcher, share her connect to purpose story, visit episode #100 Stories of Purpose Part 1.

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Connect to Purpose

If you've ever wondered, "Does my work actually matter?" you're not alone. 74% of LinkedIn members place a high value on finding work that delivers on a sense of purpose. People want to feel good about the work they do. One way leaders can communicate purpose is to share with employees the stories about the organization’s past, feedback from clients and the community impacted, and why other employees are connected to their work.

Set Aligned Goals

Organizational results cannot be achieved by the leader alone. It’s a team effort. When employees understand and feel connected to the organizations purpose and understand how they fit in to achieving that purpose, we call this alignment.

Finding Purpose at Work

Carrie King, Director of Operations at Studer Group, shares how she connects the work she does daily with partners in hospitals and education settings to meaningful outcomes in her life. The ability to recognize moments like these keep us engaged and motivated to continuously improve. When we share similar stories with our teams we encourage them to discover what their purpose is.

The Keys to Employee Engagement

In this video clip, Dr. KK Owen discusses a leader's ultimate responsibility; to build a culture where people are engaged. When leaders implement the keys to employee engagement, individuals are more productive, behave like owners, and achieve better results.



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