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EP25: Student-led Conversations

Most parents want to coach independent learners and children who will grow up to be self-sufficient, self-aware, and able to accomplish their goals and dreams. Student-led conversations are a first step in helping our children learn how to know where they are and decide what they need to be successful in reaching their goals. In this episode, Sumeera Mansukhani, an elementary teacher in the School District of Menomonee Falls, joins us to share how you can help your child initiate student-led conversations.

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Taking ownership and initiative can be taught. It might take time, but it is possible. In this episode, we talk about reflection, self-assessment, and small wins as keys for parents who want to build ownership of learning.

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It’s natural for kids to experience different emotions as they learn. When they have the ability to identify and process emotions, it enables them to move through those experiences so that they don’t get stuck in a negative or unhealthy space. This is a skill that sets up kids for success in the classroom and later in life. In this episode, our Studer Education colleague and Leader Coach, Dr. Gayle Juneau-Butler, joins us to share tips for parents who want to coach their children to identify emotions. Gayle works with leaders in school systems and other organizations all over the country. She has a background in higher education and she also has two children, who light up her life.

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