Feel good when employees leave.

It’s not easy when employees leave. Sometimes people leave to advance their careers in another organization. Sometimes they leave because we are forced to make layoffs. Other times, it may be because it’s time to let a low-performer go. Whatever the reason, people are watching how leaders treat those who exit. In this episode, our Host Janet Pilcher and Quint Studer discuss how we can support people who leave and why it is so critical to set the right example for those who stay.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What are some perspectives leaders should let go of around team members who leave?
  • How should we handle letting a low-performing employee go?
  • What are some ways we can help to maximize the potential of employees who seek opportunities for growth?

Featured Episode Resources

Develop Aspiring Leaders

Aspiring leaders are people that want to be developed; they are continuous learners. They thrive from an environment with opportunities to learn, grow, and improve their leadership skills. As a current leader in the organization, think about what the future needs of the organization may be.

The Hardest Decisions

When we avoid addressing poor performance our culture and team morale suffers. High and middle performers are often negatively impacted and may even become frustrated and leave the organization. If we allow toxic people to stay in our organizations, we will eventually hit a wall and will not be able to continuously improve results.

Low or Low Solid Performer?

Is the effort lacking? Low and Low Solid Performers need different conversations and levels of support from leaders. In this video, coach Nannette Johnston describes the difference between the two levels and how leaders should think about and interact with each.

Looking in the Mirror: Could I Be the Problem?

There are times when we might be standing in our own way, or in the way of our team. How could it be? I am always focused on what is best for the team. When the team is not producing, and you have tried all the best practices that you know, it might be time to look in the mirror.

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